The Story Of A New Build

Building a new home can be exciting but also daunting. Much like any other building work its a huge investment of finances, emotion, time and energy. Once the build starts, ideas change, expectations raise, designs get altered, and the best laid plans shift onto a different course. The builder you choose for your new home needs to be flexible yet focused, so that the projects can grow but also achieve required deadlines.

Like wise you yourself need to be flexible. You need to have a rapport with your builder and know that you can go to them with any query, and in return you must be approachable and open to suggestion. A project will run best when there is an open door in either direction. This allows free flow of ideas which will benefit you and your new home greatly. Outside influences like ground conditions, building control requirements, neighbours, suppliers being out of stock and any other such matter, can throw your project schedule out of the window and necessitate movement in new directions. Flexibility and open communication on both sides is key.

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The Story

This project was the epitome of that. We had the most fantastic clients who were focused and driven, yet open to idea’s and accepting of changes that became necessary along the way. This house was high spec, with gadgets at every turn and the clients had a clear vision of how they wanted their home. Their budget was meticulously planned as was they timeline…..

BUT… there were extensive additional requirements by building control due to nearby trees, a planning drawing that needed to be resubmitted, horrendous weather conditions, neighbours who became un-neighbourly and our client herself was unwell. They were however the epitome of perfect clients, they spoke to us constantly, we discussed everything as it arose and forged ways forward. We renegotiated aspects of the build as things changed, we advised them on aspects we thought could be improved. They paid every bill on time and they smiled throughout, even though, due to outside matters, sometimes they had much reason not to. We worked with our clients through everything. If there were issues we worked to find resolutions, if there were delays we worked to minimise them, and if there were unexpected costs we worked to cut costs on items left.

Testament to the relationship we built with them was the fact that we have since worked for them again at their next home.

Thackway & Cadwallader prides themselves in caring about our clients and their homes. If it matters to you then it matters to us!

If you have a new build project in mind or you wish to talk to us about any other building matter then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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